Richard Poss

Humanities Seminars Professor

Richard Poss

Associate Professor

RICHARD POSS is Associate Professor of Astronomy and former Director of the Humanities Program. His research examines the role of astronomical themes in European poetry; he has published articles on Petrarch, Dante, Veronica Gambara, Walt Whitman, Thomas Hardy, and the exploration of Mars. In addition to his other activities, he regularly teaches a course in the Astronomy department called “Science and Science Fiction.”  He is a frequent instructor in the Humanities Seminars Program and has won many university teaching awards.



Affiliated Departments: 

  • Anatomy of the Science Fiction Short Story - 2011
  • British Detective Fiction - 2010
  • Venetian Art - 2009
  • Humanities at the Frontiers of Science - 2009
  • American Pulp Fictions 1945-65 - 2008
  • Science, Art, and Human Spirit - 2007
  • Astrobiology and Arts - 2005
  • Humanities at the Frontiers of Science - 2002
  • Humanities at the Frontiers of Science III - 2000
  • Humanities and Frontiers Science II - 1996
  • Humanities and Frontiers of Science - 1994

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