The University of Arizona is rapidly ramping up Coronavirus mitigation efforts to keep our community as safe as possible. Accordingly, we are moving from in-person instruction to online instruction wherever possible. The Humanities Seminars Program has suspended our Spring 2020 courses while we assess the online options available. For complete and up to date information on the UArizona response to COVID-19 please click here.


Program Leadership / Staff

Malcolm Compitello

Professor and Program Director

Karen Junghans

Board Chair

Micah Lunsford

Senior Coordinator

Rachel O'Neill

Administrative Associate

Committee Chairs

David Bartlett

Finance Committee Chair

Malcolm Compitello

Program Committee Chair

Nancy Davis

Development Committee Chair

Barbara Goldberg

Nominating Committee Chair

Stan Riggenbach

Publicity Committee Chair

Anne Ward

Bylaws Committee Chair

Current Board Members

Ellen Bodow

Jim Comer

Raul Delgado

Alain-Philippe Durand

Dean, College of Humanities

Joan Feldman

Guy Jette

Richard Kinkade

Professor Emeritus

Ronald Kolker

Barbara Kosta

Professor; Head, Department of German Studies

Meg Lota Brown


Tyler Meier

Poetry Center Executive Director

Judith Treistman

Emeriti Board Members

Fabian Alfie


Jim Glasser

Marilyn Heins

Janet Hollander

Phil Korn

Richard Poss

Helen Rubel

Peter Salomon

Stuart Ulanoff