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Title Course Professor Course Trimester Course Year
Word as Bond Douglas Canfield Fall 1984
Mind in Ancient Greece Jon Solomon Fall 1984
Ancient Greek Tragedy Jon Solomon Summer 1984
Mind in Ancient Greece Jon Solomon Spring 1984
Monteverdi to Bach James Anthony Fall 1985
Satire Douglas Canfield Fall 1985
Epic and Hero Jon Solomon Summer 1985
Greek Mythology Jon Solomon Spring 1985
Greek/Roman Archaeology David Soren Spring 1985
Myths/Monuments Jon Solomon & Albert Leonard Fall 1986
Classical Era James Anthony Fall 1986
Greek Mythology II Jon Solomon Summer 1986
Modern Visions of Antiquity Jon Solomon Spring 1986
Archaeology Ancient Egypt Albert Leonard Spring 1986
The Russian Mind Adele Barker Spring 1986
Western Religions Robert Burns Fall 1987
China/USSR/US Allen Whiting Fall 1987
Biblical Archaeological Finds William Dever Fall 1987
Female Rebels Douglas Canfield Summer 1987
Architecture History Robert Giebner Spring 1987
Classical China Robert Gimello & John Olsen Spring 1987
English History Richard Cosgrove Fall 1988
Roman Catholicism Robert Burns Fall 1988
19th Century Music James Anthony Fall 1988
Shakespeare Douglas Canfield Summer 1988
Reformation Era Heiko Oberman Spring 1988
USSR/Gorbachev Adele Barker Spring 1988
Buddhism Robert Gimello Spring 1988
Art History of Cinema David Soren Fall 1989
20th Century Music James Anthony Fall 1989
USSR/Gorbachev Pat Willerton Fall 1989
Faulkner Douglas Canfield Summer 1989
Zen in Eastern Arts Robert Gimello Summer 1989
Contemporary Arts Donna Swaim Spring 1989
Archaic Mind Norman Austin Spring 1989
Greek Mythology Jon Solomon Spring 1989
Arts in America Lee Parry Fall 1990
Chamber Music James Anthony Fall 1990
History/Civilization of India Michael Mahar Fall 1990
Chaucer Douglas Canfield Summer 1990
US Women Novelists Ann Zwinger Summer 1990
Greek Tragedy Norman Austin Spring 1990
Modern Tradition Adele Barker Spring 1990
20th Century Arts in Science Donna Swaim & Raymond White Spring 1990
Art and Architecture of Islam Amy Newhall Fall 1991
East Asia Rising Allen Whiting Fall 1991
Mozart James Anthony Fall 1991
John Milton Douglas Canfield Summer 1991
Unified Germany and Change Louis Helbig Spring 1991
Varieties/Mystical Experience Robert Gimello Spring 1991