Department of French and Italian

Alain-Philippe Durand

ALAIN-PHILIPPE DURAND is Professor of French, Director of the School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SILLC), and Interim Director of Africana Studies at the University of Arizona. Durand is also Honors Professor and Affiliated Faculty in Latin American Studies and LGBT Studies. His publications and courses deal with French cinema, hip-hop culture, contemporary novel, and the kind of popular culture that characterizes the extreme contemporary.

Fabian Alfie

FABIAN ALFIE received his Ph.D. in Italian from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a specialization in the Middle Ages. He has published extensively on medieval Italian literature and has given numerous talks on Dante. He has received two Superior Teaching Awards from the Humanities Seminars Program, as well as a Distinguished Teaching Award from the College of Humanities.      

Marie-Pierre Le Hir

MARIE-PIERRE LE HIR joined the University of Arizona in 2000. Her research and teaching focus on French literature and culture from1789 to the present. She is the author of a book on Romantic theater (Le Romantisme aux enchères: Ducange, Pixerécourt, Hugo); the coeditor of French Cultural Studies: Criticism at the Crossroads; and the author of The National Habitus: Ways of Feeling French, 1789-1871.    

Phyllis Taoua

PHYLLIS TAOUA is Professor of French and Francophone Studies and is affiliated with Africana Studies, the Honors College, the Human Rights Program and the World Literature Program. She teaches courses on African literature and cinema, Critical Theory, and Pan-African Protest Movements. Author of two books and dozens of articles, she is the recipient of the Sheila Biddle Ford Foundation award and is Resident Fellow at the Du Bois Institute at Harvard.    

Irène d'Almeida

IRÈNE D’ALMEIDA is Professor of French and Francophone literatures in the Department of French and Italian at the University of Arizona. In addition to French language, Dr. d’Almeida’s teaching focuses on African literature and specifically on African women writers. Among her many publications, she is best known for her book Francophone African Women Writers: Destroying the Emptiness of Silence, the first major study of fiction and nonfiction by Francophone African women written in English.

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