Registration Help

Online Registration Is Here!

Unsure about online registration? Your first time registering online for a Humanities Seminars course?

Watch this short tutorial video by clicking on the play button in the center of the image below.
(Please note: The video and written instructions refer to classes in the Rubel Room. The registration process is the same for the class in Oro Valley).




​​​​​Prefer to read? Below is a written guide outlining the online registration process:

  • To access the online registration form and sign up for Humanities Seminars courses go to the program’s homepage at Beneath the main menu you will see two buttons. Click the red button on the left to register for courses located at the UA Main Campus. Click the blue button on the right to register for the course located in Oro Valley.​



  • When you have clicked one of the buttons, the registration page for that location will open. This page will display the Humanities Seminars logo at the top of the page and the form will begin with a section asking for Student Information. Fill in your name and email information before scrolling down to select your course(s). Please enter your name as it should appear on your name badge.



  • After you have entered the student's name and email, scroll down the page to Course Selection where you will see the list of coming courses. Select your course(s) by clicking on the checkbox just to the left of each course title. (The courses "Ancestral Hopi Archaeology" and "Water and Society" have been selected in the example below).



  • If a course has sold out or registration is no longer available, a note will appear after the course title and you will not be able to select that course from the list. The checkbox next to the course title will not allow you to click on it.

  • Once you have selected all of the Humanities Seminars courses that you would like to take, scroll down to the bottom of the page. At the bottom of the page you will find a registration subtotal and a button which says "Save Student." Click the button to save the information you just entered.



  • When you click on the "Save Student" button a small window will appear asking whether you want to "Add Student" or "Continue to Billing" (see example below). If you are registering additional people such as your spouse or a friend, click "Add Student." This will allow you to repeat the process so that you may add your guest's contact information and select the courses they desire to attend. If you are only registering yourself or have already added all of your guests, click the "Continue to Billing" button.  



  • On the payment page you will see your registration(s) listed above a section titled "Billing Information." If you need to make any changes to the student(s) listed or if you need to add an additional student, you may do so before completing the billing section.

  • If everything is correct, enter your billing information and click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. If you do not click this button, your registration will not be processed. Do not refresh the site once you clicked the “Submit” button.



  • After you have successfully completed your registration payment, you will see a message on the screen that says “Your Registration Was Successfully Completed” (see example below). This is your first indication that your registration has gone through. You will then receive an automatic email receipt at the email account that you provided to confirm that your payment has been successfully processed, a second indication that the registration has been completed. If you do not receive an email receipt within 12 hours, please contact Kerstin Miller at or Micah Lunsford at so that we can check our records and confirm whether your registration was successful or not.



  • ​If you would like to support the Humanities Seminars Program by giving a donation with your registration, you may do so by clicking the donation link on the registration confirmation page or in your email receipt. This will take you to the HSP donation page online which is hosted by the UA Foundation (see below). We greatly appreciate gifts of any amount and thank you for choosing to generously support the Humanities Seminars Program with your donation.